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Introducing the Matrix Bundle: The Ultimate Enhancement for Kontakt

Unlock the full potential of Kontakt with the Matrix Bundle, a comprehensive collection of our top-rated tools, crafted to elevate your music production and performance. This exclusive bundle includes three essential plugins at a significantly reduced price, each designed to streamline your workflow and expand your creative horizons.

What's Included in the Matrix Bundle:

1. ZoneMatrix is a Kontakt add-on that enables you to split Kontakt instruments across different key ranges and velocity ranges, creating a responsive performance multi. It also allows you to key switch between different performances seamlessly, making it invaluable for live performances and intricate studio arrangements. For complete product details, visit our full product page.

2. NoteMatrix 2 is a sophisticated MIDI mapper designed for Kontakt and Kontakt Player. It captures incoming MIDI notes from your pad controller or drum pads and swaps them in real-time with the MIDI notes of your choice, saving these mappings within your project. This feature streamlines live performance setups and enhances studio workflow. For complete product details, visit our full product page.

3. CCMatrix is a Kontakt Multiscript that facilitates sophisticated routing of both MIDI notes and Continuous Controller (CC) messages across multiple channels. This tool simplifies the management of complex MIDI setups, enabling precise synchronization and control of your virtual instruments, making it essential for both studio recordings and live performances. For complete product details, visit our full product page.

Take Kontakt to the Next Level!
The Matrix Bundle not only simplifies complex MIDI setups but also provides powerful tools to manipulate and enhance performances, making it a must-have for any serious Kontakt user. From live performances to studio productions, this bundle covers all bases, ensuring you can fully express your musical vision.

Special Bundle Offer:
Experience the full power of the Matrix family at a killer price! Enhance your Kontakt setup with advanced tools designed to bring efficiency and creativity to your musical projects.

The Matrix Bundle

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