• CCMatrix

    CCMatrix is a MIDI router for Kontakt/Kontakt Player (ver 5.8 and above) that allows you to route incoming MIDI data to any MIDI channels. There are Ten freely assignable CC’s to choose from plus Pitchbend, Aftertouch and Notes Controller Lanes.


    Turn on a lane, select a CC, set the desired MIDI channels and you're done.


    Typically the MIDI hardware/track in your DAW sends MIDI data to one individual MIDI channel (usually channel 1). While it’s perfectly fine for basic daily tasks, it could be quite limiting when working with Multis in Kontakt.


    CCMatrix sets you free from this limitation and allows a higher level of control over your multie’s playability.


    Key Features

    • Multiply CC’s and send them across different instruments in parallel.

    • Keep all of your instruments MIDI synced.

    • Filter MIDI data from reaching specific instruments.


    "This concept of treating Kontakt
    as a multi-layered super-instrument is
    very seductive. The approach is not
    dissimilar to Omnisphere, but with an
    effectively limitless supply of raw material
    to play with, not only from commercially
    produced libraries, but also the vast
    amount of free instruments available
    out there, not to mention one’s own
    home-grown samples. Couple that with
    Kontakt’s impressive arsenal of effects,
    and it can be said that the only limit is
    your imagination!!!"

     Sound On Sound Magzine


    "...I feel like I've avoided doing a lot of keyboard based performancy things primarily because something like this didn't exist...This is how good this is..." Stephen Oleary (aka SeamlessR)