CCMatrix is a Kontakt MIDI Mapper that allows you to take incoming MIDI data from your MIDI hardware/DAW, and re-route it freely to any/all MIDI channels of your choice.


Typically, at any given time, the MIDI hardware/track in your DAW, sends MIDI data on one individual channel (usually MIDI  channel 1), and while it’s perfectly fine for most basic daily tasks, it’s very limiting when creating performance Multis in Kontakt.


CCMatrix allows you to:


  • Send CC’s to more than one instrument at a time (perfect for keeping all of your instruments in sync).

  • Acts as a MIDI filter, by blocking certain CC’s from reaching specific instruments.


The only difference between CCMatrix Lite and his bigger brother CCMatrix is:

  1. CCMatrix Lite have no shiny GUI.
  2. CCMatrix Lite is free.


If you like CCMatrix Lite, please consider buying CCMatrix.


Installation instructions:

  1. Download CCMatrix Lite from here.
  2. installation Path:
  • PC: Drag “CCMatrix.nkp” to:C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Native Instruments\Kontakt *\presets\Multiscripts
  • MAC: Drag “CCMatrix.nkp” to:\Users\<username>\Documents\Native Instruments\Kontakt *\presets\Multiscripts
  • If a “pictures” folder doesn’t exist, create one.
  • If Kontakt was open during the previous stages, restart it. 
  • If you use several versions of Kontakt in tandem, repeat the installation process for each installed version.


CCMatrix Lite will now be available in the "User" sub-menu in Kontakts KSP tab.


Enjoy CCMatrix Lite!


CCMatrix Lite