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Future music Magazine (issue 199) publishes a rave review on my track "Please".

"You really can't beat a bit of the old being really good at playing piano really, can you? The effortless joy that Hagai is able to imbue this delicate and confident composition would have a programmer toiling for months on their velocities and aftertouch tweaks.

Fantastic stuff.

That said, we think there may be a bit of that programming genius coming through here as the live drum performance turns out to be Toontracks Ezdrummer.

Nice work.

You'll be telling us that the bass is a preset in Reason next...Oh, it is.

Wow. Now we are really impressed.

This is one of those tracks you might not get first time round (that's Jazz for you) but repeated listens prove it to be an accomplished and complex piece of modern contemporary work.

That you're using technology to fill in for the rest of the band only makes us more impressed. And it's all so well mixed too. Anyone recording a band could take an EQ lesson from this one.

Stunning (and stirring) stuff."


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