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"Your Game, Your Way"

Future music Magazine (issue 215) publishes a rave review on Hagai Davidoffs

track - "Your Way ,Your Game".

"This is pure class. Its easy to romp through our demo bag each month, cheerfully frisbeeing CDs from the player to the bi...err, filling cabinet.

But when a track like this arrives you're reminded that music is a beautiful and seriously passionate force.

It's impossible not to be moved by Hagai Davidoffs simple but imaginative 'Your Game, Your Way'. Perhaps its the sound effects that set the ambiance.

The persistent crackle of a log fire (or is it a radio static or a fizzing synth?) and the sinister canned laughter...

It's a massively original soundtrack to a sad and heart-wrenchingly performed song. It's the amazing vocal that sets the tone, but lets not underestimate the way that instrumentation and effects are used to dip into the mix and give each line a unique treatment.

We love the bizarre shouting echo at 1:20 and occasional reversed reverbs and string surges. It's a great track that makes terrific use of a very average bedroom studio.

True genius in the making."

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