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"Cafe Mexico"

The artist Maoz Peled produces his evocative and beautiful single "Cafe Mexico".

Maoz Peled: "I know Hagai for several years now, we worked on several projects in the past. To begin with, I must say that he is a kind and pleasant person to work with. Besides, he's probably one of the most talented musician I've ever met...

As a producer, Hagai really listens to the song and have a clear vision

about what he wants. Additionally, he listen to the artist, not forcing himself on the music, which is very important to me as a musician.

As a technician, the man is super professional, knowing all the who's & how's

and each and every parameter in the studio.

I came to Hagai with my song "Cafe Mexico". Hagai produced, mixed, sent drafts, acknowledged my remarks, fixed, tried something new, sent...All the time being patient and professional, knowing when to compromise and when to insist.

In the end of the day, it came out true magic. Besides, he makes great coffee...I shall return."

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