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חגי דוידוף Hagai Davidoff

Hagai Davidoff is a composer, lecturer, developer, and sound designer with decades of rich and varied experience.

As a composer, he creates music for computer games, musicals, theater performances, and produces artists. His style is diverse and contains influences from a variety of genres.

As a lecturer and a Steinberg Certified Trainer, with a resume that includes hundreds of students from all the major colleges in Israel (Sapir College, The Academic College Ono, BPM College, and The Negev College), he offers his online courses on Cubase, Game Audio, and Virtual Orchestration.

As a developer, he offers expansions for Kontakt that are in daily use by thousands of people from all around the globe. These tools are user-friendly workflow boosters, and he is constantly developing new tools.

You're invited to listen, watch, and join the Online Courses waitlist.

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