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Hagai Davidoff Certified Steinberg Trainer



Discover our cutting-edge online courses designed for the aspiring music producers and sound engineers! These courses are a perfect blend of high-quality content and innovative teaching methods, keeping pace with the latest trends in the global music industry. Each course is carefully crafted to meet the unique needs of today's musicians, drawing from a rich history of nurturing thousands of students over many years. Dive into the rave reviews from our students and become a part of our thriving music community.

Ready to take your music journey to the next level? We offer personalized online private lessons, tailored just for you. These sessions are more than just lessons; they're an immersive experience that will propel your skills, boost your confidence, and guide you towards success in whichever musical path you choose to embark on.

Online Courses

Hagai Davidoff The Virtual Orchestrator Online Course

The Virtual

Hagai Davidoff Audio Gamer Plus Online Course

Audio Gamer

Hagai Davidoff Cubase Online Course

Cubase Online

Hagai Davidoff Private Tuition

Private Tuition

Students Feedback

"There's a saying 'a good teacher teaches for life,' and it's written about Hagai! I studied with him years ago and enjoyed the experience so much - the guidance, the patience, and his fun way of presenting the material. Highly recommended!!" - Shai Revizda

"I decided to purchase Hagai's Audio Gamer Digital course after studying with him at Sapir College. I regret only discovering your courses now!! Highly recommend. Anyone who sets their sights on this industry, I believe this is the most comprehensive course you can find on the subject." - Alon Attali

"Hagai is a legendary teacher! I studied with him about a decade ago. He gave me all the knowledge I needed to create music. Today I work in the field and enjoy every moment. Thank you, Hagai!" - Daniel Yishay

"A professional, attentive teacher with excellent explanatory skills. I studied Cubase with him and I can confidently say that thanks to him, I know it in detail." - Ash Kashayev

"I wanted to say a huge thank you! In the first lesson, you blew me away. The way you explain things, getting down to every detail in such a short time, is phenomenal. You've undoubtedly become a role model for me. The desire to bring you a piece each week and receive feedback in the best and most pleasant way just grew from lesson to lesson. I really enjoyed listening to you, learning from you, and getting inspiration to dive into this ocean called music. I was happy with every lesson of yours and looked forward to it each week. I would undoubtedly love to learn more from you and maybe even get the chance to work with you one day. For all this, I just want to say thank you." - Keren Marom

"Audio Gamer is an excellent course. I came out of it with lots of new and practical knowledge, and a desire to continue exploring the field on my own. Exactly as I hoped. Besides the fascinating subject, Hagai is an excellent lecturer who knows how to deliver the content thoroughly and professionally. He gives personal attention and is very attentive to the students, creating a very pleasant learning atmosphere." - Nir Shor

"As someone from a classical background with zero knowledge in computers and software but with a huge desire to learn, I was fortunate to be a student of Hagai Davidoff, who taught the material in a fascinating, professional, practical, and efficient way with lots of patience and personal attention. Thank you for making the whole learning experience much less intimidating for me and teaching me so much in such a short time. Anyone who gets to learn from him will only benefit!" - Edva Hayun

"When I met Hagai Davidoff, I didn't realize how much he would influence my artistic perception and how much practical knowledge he would impart to me in just a few lessons. This is what will happen to anyone lucky enough to take part in his course - you will learn from the best. A privilege, worth every penny, and a mentor for life - win-win." - Geva Hasson

"The most interesting and interactive course I've taken related to my progress in the world of music for computer games! I came with a background in music composition and integration, but still found myself composing more, sitting in front of Unity and Fmod, learning new things, and sharpening things I had learned before. Due to my excitement, I even started producing a complex game to incorporate my own music. Highly recommended!" - Mor Sedro

"Years have passed since I studied from Hagai and I apply what I learned from him practically every day! An absolute pro." - Ayalon Keshet

"I am so glad I got to learn this course from you, you have no idea. You were incredibly enriching and spoke about much more than the course topic. And you are an amazing guy in general. You touched my heart both as a teacher, a person, and a musician." - Matan Mossery

"I've already encountered teachers with a sparkle in their eyes, those who you can see love their profession. But to manage to convey your passion and at the same time say each sentence so precisely and carefully formulated, along with countless tips and advice, I've never had such a teacher before. In the last six months, you've been an incredible knowledge resource in a subject that currently interests me so much and has indeed become a big part of my world. It sounds easy to ruin a technical lesson like Cubase, but somehow you made every 4 hours fly by in a second. I'm glad to have met a person who, despite all his wisdom and incredible knowledge, remains so humble. I want to thank you for this period and for all the knowledge and inspiration you gave me. I appreciate (and maybe even admire...) you." - Saar Avraham

"Hagai, I don't know how to start thanking you. I came to learn from you, not knowing where I'd end up, what music and sound and that scary word... theory are. Very quickly, I picked up the relaxed and funny atmosphere you know how to create in the classroom and in 2 seconds, boom, I was in. Professional, intelligent, with extensive knowledge and more than anything... someone who knows how to listen, both as a teacher and even more so as a person. I think you showed me that music is a way of life through various insights that came up in class, which maybe even you didn't notice, but they will accompany me in the future. Both in music and in what is not (hard for me to think right now what exists outside of music). Every student gets your attention. Just a slight movement, a hesitant facial expression is enough to make you ask, take interest in what's unclear, and explain it again and even a third time if needed, each time in a different way and with a smile. (I didn't need a third time, I just asked for the friends who didn't understand). You are attentive to the needs and interests of the students and even stay to advise and answer questions out of your own time. You generously shared your world and musical knowledge, listening to our areas of curiosity. (Music, right?) In short, you're a very rare person and I'm glad I got to know you. Love." - Eran Kfir

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