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Revolutionize your MIDI mapping with NoteMatrix 2, a sophisticated tool for Kontakt/Kontakt Player that simplifies the interaction between your MIDI hardware and virtual instruments. Ideal for both studio and live settings, NoteMatrix 2 allows you to remap incoming MIDI notes to any note and channel, instantly matching your hardware setup with your software environment.

Key Features:

  • Dynamic MIDI Mapping: Easily assign incoming MIDI notes from your controllers to different notes and channels, ensuring seamless integration with your DAW and Kontakt instruments.

  • Save and Recall Configurations: Your mappings are saved with your track, eliminating the need to reprogram your settings each time you load your project.

  • Adjustable Velocity Response: Modify the velocity response of each pad to match your performance style using Fixed/Shift velocity sliders.

  • Length Adjustment: Extend the output note length, making it possible to use pad controllers for melodic instruments.

  • Simplified Key Switch Management: Reorganize your key switches effortlessly, allowing for quick changes during performance.

Practical Uses:

  • Live Performance: Manage complex MIDI setups on the fly, easily switching between different mappings, and enhancing your live performance flexibility.

  • Studio Composition: Tailor MIDI mappings to your workflow, speeding up the composition process by quickly aligning your hardware inputs with your software instruments.

NoteMatrix 2 is not just a tool but a transformation of how you interact with MIDI, making it a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their MIDI setup's efficiency and creativity.

NoteMatrix 2

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