NoteMatrix 2
  • NoteMatrix 2

    NoteMatrix is an elegant and sophisticated MIDI mapper for Kontakt/Kontakt player (Ver 5.8 and above) that grabs incoming MIDI notes from your MIDI hardware, and swaps them in real-time with other MIDI notes and channels of your choice. The configuration is then saved with the track so you won't have to map it ever again!


    Key Features

    • Runs on both free and full versions of Kontakt (ver. 5.81 and above). 

    • Instant access to your favorite sounds, mapped,  soon as you select a track in your DAW!

    • Remap your keyswitches easily and consistently.

    • Easy recallable MIDI mapping matches your hardware and software quickly and painlessly.

    • Get instant access to your favorite sounds, mapped, as soon as you select a track in your DAW!

    • Used inside a DAW, NoteMatrix can trigger external VSTi's!!!

    • Break free from external MIDI editors/Drum maps/preset flipping.

    • Eliminate the need to reprogram your MIDI hardware physically.

    • Adjust the velocity response of each pad using the Fixed/Shift velocity sliders.

    • Open up to 5 NoteMatrix in 1 Kontakt instance for a whooping control of 130 pads.

    • Big clear MIDI monitor that tracks your MIDI data.

    • Play melodic instruments on your Pad/Drum Controller using the Length Knob.

    • Works with BOTH the full version of Kontakt (5.8.1+) AND the free Kontakt Player.


    By simplifying the integration, NoteMatrix breathes new life into your Controller and Samples!


    NoteMatrix 2 is offered as a free update to all NoteMatrix buyers. Just email your receipt to and allow 24 hours for delivery.