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NoteMatrix 2 is a sophisticated MIDI mapper that will revolutionize your workflow with drums and percussion within Kontakt. This tool captures and remaps incoming MIDI notes from your hardware in real-time, allowing you to switch notes and channels instantly. It ensures that when you play your drum controller, the correct notes required by the specific instrument or patch are triggered, even if your controller initially sends irrelevant notes. One of the key reasons I created NoteMatrix 2 was to enhance my virtual orchestration process, enabling me to switch channels in my DAW and have my favorite drum sounds ready at my fingertips on my drum controller, without needing to switch programs on the controller itself. It saves these configurations within your projects, simplifying setup and ensuring you can focus on the artistry of your music rather than technical settings. Perfect for both live performances and studio work, NoteMatrix 2 is designed to streamline your creative process and expand your musical possibilities.


Key Features:

  • Dynamic MIDI Mapping: Easily assign incoming MIDI notes from your controllers to different notes and channels, ensuring seamless integration with your DAW and Kontakt instruments.


  • Save and Recall Configurations: Your mappings are saved with your track, eliminating the need to reprogram your settings each time you load your project.


  • Adjustable Velocity Response: Modify the velocity response of each pad to match your performance style using Fixed/Shift velocity sliders.


  • Length Adjustment: Extend the output note length, making it possible to use pad controllers for melodic instruments.


  • Simplified Key Switch Management: Reorganize your key switches effortlessly, allowing for quick changes during performance.


Practical Uses:

  • Live Performance: Manage complex MIDI setups on the fly, easily switching between different mappings, and enhancing your live performance flexibility.


  • Studio Composition: Tailor MIDI mappings to your workflow, speeding up the composition process by quickly aligning your hardware inputs with your software instruments.


NoteMatrix 2 is not just a tool but a transformation of how you interact with MIDI, making it a must-have for anyone looking to enhance their MIDI setup's efficiency and creativity.


NoteMatrix 2

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