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ZoneMatrix is an excellent sketching tool that enables you to split instruments across various key and velocity ranges, allowing for the creation of responsive performance multis. This transforms your keyboard into a dynamic orchestra at your fingertips. With features like key range transposition and scene switching, ZoneMatrix is essential for performing complex arrangements live or creating intricate layering and seamless transitions. For example, you can assign different instrument sections to specific key ranges or velocities, enabling you to play strings in the lower octaves while brass or woodwinds occupy the higher ranges, or trigger different articulations based on how hard you play. Scene switching allows you to instantly change these setups, providing versatility and fluidity in your performance. Whether you're in the studio or on stage, ZoneMatrix enhances your creative process by offering precise control and flexibility in your musical arrangements.


Key Features:

  • Split and Layer Instruments: Assign different Kontakt instruments to specific key and velocity ranges, creating dynamic performance multis that respond intuitively to your playing style.


  • Transposition and Octaves: Instantly transpose instruments and add up to three additional octaves, enriching your sound palette and enabling complex chord structures and melodies on the fly.


  • Scene Management: Utilize eight scene slots to switch between diverse setups with key switches, making it seamless to change performances during live shows or studio sessions.


  • Enhanced Control: Fine-tune your performance with built-in features like a polyphony limiter, CC filter, and a MIDI-learnable mixer for on-the-spot adjustments.


Practical Uses:

  • Live Performance: Engage with complex automations and improvisations, using ZoneMatrix to manage multiple instruments across a keyboard, enhancing live interaction and reducing the need for multiple controllers.


  • Studio Composition: Craft layered, textured sounds by mapping instruments across different keys and velocities, making your compositions richer and more nuanced.


ZoneMatrix not only expands what you can do with Kontakt by enabling multi-instrument control within a single interface, but it also simplifies your workflow, giving you the tools to express more creatively without technical limitations.



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