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CCMatrix is a versatile Kontakt Multiscript that routes both Continuous Controller (CC) messages and MIDI notes across multiple MIDI channels. Ideal for musicians seeking simplified control in studio setups and live performances, CCMatrix provides a straightforward solution for managing and synchronizing multiple instruments via intuitive MIDI routing.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive MIDI Routing: Simultaneously direct CC messages and MIDI notes to multiple channels, allowing synchronized control over various instruments.

  • Selective MIDI Filtering: Utilize CCMatrix as a selective filter to prevent specific MIDI signals from reaching certain instruments, enhancing control over your MIDI environment.

  • Flexible Channel Assignments: Easily adjust and customize MIDI channel outputs for both CC messages and notes, providing tailored control for your complex setups.

Practical Uses:

  • Enhanced Live Performance Management**: Efficiently manage live instrument setups by routing essential MIDI signals to the appropriate channels.

  • Studio Workflow Optimization: Simplify your studio production by assigning MIDI controls to manage multiple instrument aspects simultaneously.

CCMatrix is designed for musicians who need an effective and uncomplicated way to handle MIDI CC data and notes, ensuring seamless synchronization and control during performances and recordings.


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