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Introducing the Matrix Bundle: The Ultimate Enhancement for Kontakt!

Unleash the full capabilities of Kontakt with the Matrix Bundle, a comprehensive package of our top-tier tools, meticulously designed to enhance your music production and performance. This exclusive bundle includes three essential plugins, offering significant savings while providing powerful solutions to streamline your workflow and boost your creative output.


What's Included in the Matrix Bundle:

1. ZoneMatrix: This essential sketching tool transforms your keyboard into a dynamic orchestra at your fingertips by splitting instruments across various key and velocity ranges. Create responsive performance multis, assign different instrument sections to specific key ranges or velocities, and use scene switching for versatile setups. Whether you’re performing live or crafting intricate studio arrangements, ZoneMatrix offers precise control and flexibility in your musical arrangements. For more details, visit the full product page.


2. NoteMatrix 2: Revolutionize your workflow with drums and percussion within Kontakt using this sophisticated MIDI mapper. NoteMatrix 2 captures and remaps incoming MIDI notes from your hardware in real-time, ensuring the correct notes are triggered every time. Save configurations within your projects to streamline setups and focus on your music. Perfect for live performances and studio work, NoteMatrix 2 enhances your virtual orchestration process, enabling seamless channel switching and instant access to your favorite drum sounds. For more details, visit the full product page.


3. CCMatrix: Designed to synchronize different instruments by routing MIDI notes and Continuous Controller (CC) messages across multiple channels, CCMatrix ensures seamless transitions when switching instruments. Maintain consistent control settings like dynamics, expression, and panning across your entire setup for smooth and cohesive performances. Whether orchestrating for studio recordings or live performances, CCMatrix expands your creative capabilities and streamlines your workflow. For more details, visit the full product page.


Elevate Your Kontakt Setup!

The Matrix Bundle not only simplifies intricate MIDI setups but also provides powerful tools to manipulate and enhance your performances. It’s an essential addition for any serious Kontakt user, from live performances to studio productions, ensuring you can fully realize your musical vision.


Special Bundle Offer

Experience the full potential of the Matrix family at an unbeatable price! Enhance your Kontakt setup with advanced tools designed to bring efficiency and creativity to your musical projects.

The Matrix Bundle

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